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ICAT® Tools integrates data-management, professional development and program evaluation into one comprehensive website. With its integrated design, measures of program fidelity work hand-in hand with measures of student outcomes. Each registered school and district has secure access to track and monitor all program activities. School-level reports are available to Principals and IC Facilitators to inform current progress and assist in setting measurable performance goals. District administrators have can access, review and summarize data across multiple schools. .

ICAT® On-Line Case Tracking

Access to student progress is quick and convenient. Student cases are entered and updated weekly. This enables Principals, Facilitators and District Leaders to identify and monitor ongoing progress of individual students, groups of students and entire classes. Secure access to the on-line System's Tracking is available to all registered IC Team Project Schools.

As individual student codes are entered into the ICAT® Tools on-line System Tracking, an ongoing record of intervention progress is created and assists team members to monitor and account for student outcomes.

ICAT® Tools Training

As part of each schools' registration, Facilitators and Principals have unlimited access to a wide variety of useful training and resource materials. Video clips demonstrate key skills and concepts allowing participants to continually review and refine their own performance. Downloadable reference material is always available and augments the high-quality, on-site training delivered by certified ICAT Trainers.

ICAT® Tools Integrated Program Evaluation

ICAT® Tools provides registered IC Team Project Schools the ability to evaluate and monitor:
  • Student achievement of goals
  • Teacher feed back on satisfaction with team services
  • Integrity of program implementation
  • Accuracy of documentation
  • Capability to link IC Team case outcomes to district data management systems

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