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I am very thankful to have attended ICAT training over the past year. It has been the best professional development that I have ever received as a teacher. Although I had to step outside of my comfort level during the training, I can see that it has made me become more effective and confident. I used many of the strategies with my at-risk first and second grade readers with wonderful success.

Kim Morrison, IC Team Facilitator
Suttons Bay Elementary & Secondary
Suttons Bay, Michigan

Training and Technical Support

ICAT® Resources provides a "hands-on" approach to professional development. Our skilled and experienced trainers use researched-based professional development practices to deliver large and small group training experiences. Introductory sessions are followed with on-site, in-school demonstrations. Certified ICAT Trainers follow the "3-D" model of professional development-"I do, we do, you do". ICAT Trainers will first demonstrate the skill or technique with students and teachers (I do) , then participants have a chance to use those skills and receive feedback and support from the trainer (We do). Finally, participants have an opportunity to take the skills and knowledge learned back to their own schools and receive technical assistance after having the opportunity to practice and apply skills (You do).

On Line Coaching

ICAT's individualized, on line coaching experience is one of a kind among today's professional development experiences. The coaching experience is designed to ensure participants embed and use the skills that are delivered during the comprehensive training and technical support. Each IC Team Facilitator is assigned an individual ICAT Approved Coach who provides intense and individualized feedback as they begin application of the consultation and assessment training. Participants electronically record their IC Cases, and then receive weekly feedback and guidance on using the critical skills. University Credit is available at an additional cost for those individuals interested in formal recognition of the experience.

Program Evaluation

ICAT® Tools is a state of the art comprehensive data-management system. With its integrated design, measurement of program fidelity works hand-in hand with measures of student outcomes. Each registered school and district has secure access to track and monitor all program activities. School-level reports are available to Principals and IC Facilitators to inform current progress and assist in setting measurable performance goals. District administrators have access to aggregated reports making for summarizing across multiple schools quick and easy.

District/ School Consultation

Creating successful change is hard work! Sustaining that change takes planning and experience. With over 25 years experience in working with educators, ICAT has a cadre of highly qualified Certified Trainers who are skilled and knowledgeable in helping District and School Leaders plan and sustain successful change. Organizational consultation services include:

  • Needs assessments
  • Assessing Programming Effectiveness
  • Staffing and Resource Allocations
  • Creating of Comprehensive Training and Implementation Plans
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Sustainability Assessments and Planning
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