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ICAT® Publishing offers resources to support professionals implementing IC Teams as well as relevant information for educators seeking high-quality, researched-based practices.

IC Team: Training in Instructional Consultation, Assessment and Teaming (2007)
Three book series of training material that provides session-by-session guidance for participants implementing IC Teams.
Authors: Todd A. Gravois, Ph.D., Edward E. Gickling, Ph.D., and Sylvia Rosenfield, Ph.D.
Price: Availability Restricted to IC Team Participants. Contact your ICAT® Approved Trainer for ordering information.

Coming Soon:

Instructional Assessment: The Essential Path to Effective Instruction.
Much awaited text by the developer of Instructional Assessment & Curriculum Based Assessment. Over 30 years of research and practice are brought together in this comprehensive text that describes the theory, research and practice of Instructional Assessment.
Authors: Edward E. Gickling, Ph.D., & Todd A. Gravois, Ph.D.
Price: Coming Soon.

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