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IC Team Model (click here for fact sheet)

Developing IC Teams

Instructional Consultation Teams represent a way for schools to organize and deliver services to support students and teachers. By restructuring and refocusing resources, students achieve academic and behavioral success within the general education environment; teachers assume the primary role of planning and accounting for student performance, and schools allocate resources through accountable decision-making procedures.

IC Teams (Rosenfield, & Gravois, 1996), is theoretically grounded in, and serves as a delivery system of, instructional consultation (Rosenfield, 1987; 2002) and instructional assessment (Gravois & Gickling, 2008). The model is based upon the premise that quality instruction matched to a student's assessed entry skills, increases student success, reduces behavioral difficulties, and avoids the need for special education evaluation and placement.


The mission of Instructional Consultation as a model of team functioning is to link people and resources at all levels whereby general, special education, and pupil service personnel share the responsibility for the education of ALL students through the improved quality of service.

Goal of IC Teams

To Enhance/ Improve/ Increase Student and Staff Performance


  • Develop a systematic support network within each building, including a trained Instructional Consultation Team.
  • Enhance teachers' skills in and application of best practices of instructional assessment and delivery.
  • Develop school-wide norms of collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Utilize data for classroom and school decisions.


  • All students are learners.
  • The instructional match and setting is the focus of problem-solving.
  • A strong problem-solving and learning community in the school is the foundation for professional and student success.
  • Change is a process, not an event.


The IC Team (Figure 1) is comprised of school-based resources, each receiving extensive training in the critical skills of instructional consultation and assessment. Team membership includes the Principal, IC Team Facilitator, resource specialists and general educators. General educators comprise a majority of the team membership. The function of the IC Team is to:
  • Provide Systematic Support to Teachers Utilizing an Instructional Consultation Case Management Model
  • Provide an venue for on-going team member skill development
  • Assist in aligning school resources for student and teacher support.
IC Team Case Management
Teachers request assistance of the IC Team when they have a professional need for support and/or when student achievement is not meeting expectations. A trained team member (case manager) and the teacher engage in a systematic problem-solving process in which decisions are determined by the collection of specific student data. The IC Team case manager and teacher are guided by the critical assumptions of IC Teams as they progress through the problem-solving stages. These stages include:
  • Problem identification and Analysis
  • Strategy/ Intervention Design
  • Strategy/Intervention Implementation
  • Strategy/Intervention Evaluation
Figure 1.

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