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ICAT Resources® has established a team of Researchers and Approved Trainers to ensure the most effective delivery of professional development and consultation service for schools. Our team is comprised of respected leaders in the field of Education, Special Education and School Psychology. Each brings a unique contribution of experience and expertise to support schools and districts in developing quality support services for students and staff.

Todd A. Gravois, Ph.D.
Dr. Gravois is the President and CEO of ICAT Resources®. Dr. Gravois is a sought after trainer, researcher and consultant, working with over 500 schools in nine states to develop and implement high-quality support services for students and teachers. As co-developer of the Instructional Consultation Team (IC Team) Model, he has over 20 years of experience working with and in schools supporting teachers in developing quality instruction to benefit student achievement. He is co-author of Instructional Consultation Teams: Collaborating for Change, as well as numerous chapters and articles on creating systems of support for teachers and students.

Sylvia A. Rosenfield, Ph.D.
Dr. Rosenfield is Senior Researcher/ Developer for ICAT Resources® and co-developer of IC Teams. Her seminal publication and research on Instructional Consultation (1987) now represents a recognized model of school consultation. As Professor of School Psychology at University of Maryland, Temple University and Fordam University Dr. Rosenfield has researched and written extensively on the impact of quality support services for teachers and students.

Edward E. Gickling, Ph.D.
Dr. Gickling is Senior Researcher/ Developer for ICAT Resources® and is recognized as the developer of Curriculum Based Assessment — now referred to as Instructional Assessment. Dr. Gickling offers a wealth of knowledge and experience ranging from Professor of Special Education at Universities of Tennessee and Nevada to Director of Training for Council for Exceptional Children. His research and application of Instructional Assessment has provided thousands of educators across the nation a meaningful approach to supporting students success within the classroom.

Lauren Kaiser, Ph.D.
Dr. Kaiser is the Director of Distance Education for ICAT Resources® and an Approved ICAT® Trainer. As Director of Distance Education, Dr. Kaiser coordinates the ICAT® On-Line Coaching process and supervises ICAT® Tools, the integrated data management system of IC Teams. Dr. Kaiser is also project coordinator for the implementation of IC Teams in Maryland. The focus of Dr. Kaiser's research as been the investigation of development and implementation of quality instructional practices within the general education classroom.

Paul Lords, E.D.S.
Mr. Lords is an Approved ICAT® Trainer who provides training, consultation and coordination support for the Nevada State IC Team project. Mr. Lords earned his degree in School Psychology from University of Nevada, Reno and is currently completing his doctoral degree from Capella University. Mr. Lords has extensive experience working within schools as an IC Case Manager and IC Team Facilitator.

Deborah Nelson, Ph.D.
Dr. Nelson is Director of Trainer Certification and an Approved ICAT® Trainer who provides direct training and consultation services to projects in Virginia, New Hampshire and Maryland. Dr. Nelson comes to ICAT® Resources with extensive experience as an IC Team Facilitator and Project Coordinator in Maryland schools. Deeply interested in creating effective educational services for all students, Dr. Nelson has a particular interest and experience in working with urban populations. She has focused her research interest on the reading/ writing connection and on the implementation of high-quality support services for students.

Carrie Osborne, M.Ed.
Ms. Osborne is an Approved ICAT® Trainer who provides direct training and project coordination support to schools in Michigan and Indiana. With 20 years experience as a special educator, Ms. Osborne joined ICAT Resources® after facilitating IC Team development in Northville (MI) Public Schools.

Denise Stringer, M.Ed.
Ms. Stringer is an Approved ICAT® Trainer who provides training and project coordination services schools and districts. Ms. Stringer has a Masters of Education in Special Education and brings skills and experience as an IC Case Consultant, IC Team Facilitator and an Approved ICAT® Trainer. An exceptional trainer, Ms. Stringer currently provides project coordination and training for the IST/IC Team Project in Delaware.

Licensed/ Approved IC Team Training Centers

ICAT Resources® is proud to have partners who share a vision of promoting effective support services for students and teachers. The following IC Team Training Centers have committed to adhering to quality-control standards for training, implementing and evaluating IC Teams through structured License of Use Agreements. Each Center employs and contracts with only Approved ICAT® Training Staff and maintains an on-going relationship with ICAT Resources®:
  • Indiana IC Team Training Center @ Indiana Unversity CELL
    Mr. Jim Ansaldo, Coordinator/ Approved ICAT® Trainer

  • Michigan IC Team Training Center
    Ms. Sandy Riley, Director/ Approved ICAT® Trainer

  • North Carolina IC Team Training Center
    Dr. Lindsay Vail, Director/ Approved ICAT® Trainer

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